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Cancer Day 2020

A call for Action by The Mediterranean Taskforce for Cancer Control (MTCC) (
Increasing the effectiveness of primary and secondary prevention. The Potential role of Military Medical Forces.

Prevention and Early Diagnosis are established priority strategies in cancer control. Therefore, implementation and dissemination of policies aimed at translating these anticipatory care strategies into practice is critical in contrasting the foreseen increasing global cancer burden, changing epidemiology, the diminished role of primary care, costs, and disparities (Theme 2 and 3 World Cancer Congress: Muscat, Oman, Oct 2020)

In peacetime, Military General/Internal medicine and Specialists are engaged in research, development, and care, thus they represent valuable supportive partners of their civilian counterparts in cancer control, primarily in diminishing the incidence of advanced disease, “The key challenge in cancer medicine”

In consideration that Military Medicine

  • is caring for active and retired personnel and their family members in significant number with «no disparities»
  • has a closer logistic and referral (Military Hospitals) between General Medicine and Specialists which is advantageous in limiting the occurrence of «advanced disease»
  • can resort to Opportunistic screenings during the mandatory routine check-up’s
  • features robust command/control hierarchies which can enforce «observance of guidelines»
  • dealing with risk management can manage Environmental /Occupational relevant risks more efficiently
  • is relatively shielded by changes in health care “economic restrictions”

MTCC strongly advocates that Military Medicine merges its defense and security missions with those of civil society at the national and global levels by enforcing the above activities which minimally conflict with the issue of “dual loyalty”.

Early Diagnosis Cancer Day 2019

The  2019 Cancer Day  calls for the need  of  implementing    Early Diagnosis  through  available strategies, thus avoiding  over 3,4 million deaths yearly.  MTCC welcomes this committement which has been advocated  with NO DISCRIMINATIONS  since 2004  founding year .

Rome Febr. 4th, 2019 MIOLive Congress (endorsed by MTCC)

The 4th edition of the Congress (January 28-29) has been particularly rewarding from the scientific point of view and of the increasing (6%) attendance

A total of 305 delegates from 17 Mediterranean Countries attended the MIOLive program

– 25 hours of scientific education

– 4 Honorary Lectures

– 2 Lunch & Learn Symposium

– 3 “Interactive Multidisciplinary Treatment Decision” Sessions for a total of 6 hours of discussion, also reviewing follow-up of cases treated during MIOLive 2018

– 14 live-cases treating both primary and secondary liver tumors.



Cancer Day 2019

MTCC  has participated to the 2019 Cancer Day with 3 events:

Rome, Skopje, Hebron with the launching of a new brochure (English/Arabic) on the management of cancer- associate pain ( in collaboration with the Federico Calabresi Fnd, Rome, and our Member Carol El-Jabary of the Patient’s Friends Society Jerusalem, full UICC Member) and the publication of the MTCC primary and secondary prevention leaflets in Macedonian (with a contribution of the Italian Consorzio Interuniversitario Nazionale per la Bio-Oncologia  chaired by our Member Prof Silverio Tomao). The brochures will be diffused through a collaboration with  the Acibadem Sistina Hospital in Skopje and the support of Macedonian Ministry of Health.