The project to implement a Task Force aimed at Mediterranean countries and other countries in need, was born in 2004 during a Congress on Cancer Prevention and Screening held in Amman (Jordan). The initiative was discussed between Jordanian prominent doctors and several Italian speakers participating in that event.

A first meeting to discuss the initiative and gather international participation was convened in Taormina (Italy) in 2005 and the basic structure for an International Association named Mediterranean Task Force for Cancer Control (MTCC) was laid down. An intermediate meeting of promoters from several countries of the area was held in Istanbul (Turkey) in 2006.

Subsequently the by-laws of MTCC were drafted and approved by the Assembly of Delegates convened in Rome (Italy) in 2007. An important ceremony was held at the Capitol Hill at the presence of Italian and foreign authorities (ambassadors of the participating countries, academic authorities, etc.) and with the participation of Princesses Dina Mired (Princess Dina Mired Short English Biography) and Ghida Talal of Jordan (Princess Ghida Talal Short English Biography) , who delivered an intense speech stressing the priority of Cancer Prevention and Early Diagnosis in the Mediterranean bordering countries.  (speech-princess-mtcc-rome)

Professor Stefano Iacobelli, Medical Oncologist at the University of Chieti (Italy) was elected as President of MTCC and an Executive Committee was empowered with Professor Ziad Sharaiha from Jordan as President-elect, Professor Massimo Crespi from the National Cancer Institute “Regina Elena” in Roma as Secretary General and Alberto Montori, Professor of Surgery at the University of Roma “La Sapienza”, as Treasurer.

Representatives from Albania, Algeria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Montenegro Palestine, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, IARC and UICC joined the initiative. (please see Members section http://www.mtcc-prevention.net/members/).

MTCC is sponsored by the Institutions of the participating Country Members.

The Alessio Pezcoller Fnd. Trento. Italy ( www.pezcoller.it ) is supporting travel grants

MTCC Partnerships and Collaborations CINBO (www.cinbo.org), the Mediterranean School of Oncology (www.mso.cinbo.org) , the Alessio Pezcoller Foundation (www.Pezcoller.it), the “Regina Elena” National Cancer Inst Rome (http://www.ifo.it), the Collegium Ramazzini ( www.collegiumramazzini.org), NIBIT ( www.nibit.org) , the Dept of Public Health Univ Pecs,Hungary(http://aok.pte.hu/en/egyseg/index/100)

the Mediterranean Interventional Oncology Association ( www.miolive.eu), the Mediterranean Association for the Study of Liver (www.masl.org), the “Federico Calabresi” Foundation Rome (https://ffc.accmed.org), the Scientific Project COLOMED (www.colomed.it)

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